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Earnings Charts
  • 1 Select an individual company, use an existing list, or create a custom list
    • To chart data for a single company, click on Company Name and start typing the name in the text box. Click on the name you would like to select. You can alternatively enter the stock ticker symbol or company name abbreviation instead.
    • To chart data for an existing list, click on All Companies, and then choose the list from the drop-down list box.
    • To create a custom list of companies, select  All Companies or an existing list from the drop-down list box and then use the filters under Restrict Data By
  • 2Restrict companies or data before charting (Optional)
    Click on the filter name and make your selections when the options are displayed on the right.
    • Example: select  Region and check the box next to Europe to filter for companies that are based in Europe.
  • 3Select data to show on Y-axis (vertical)
    Choose the data or metric you want to display
    • Example: select  Total from the first drop-down list, and select  Sales from the second drop-down list. Then click on Financial Period and select  Over Time (specified on the X-axis)
  • 4Select data to show on X-axis (horizontal)
    Choose categories you want to see data for. Because the Y-Axis has Financial Period: Over Time (specified on the X-Axis) selected, Financial Periods must be the selection for this drop-down box.
    • Example: select  Financial Periods from the drop-down list, click on Fiscal Year (FY), then put a check mark in the boxes next to 1Q07, 2Q07, 3Q07 and 4Q07.
  • 5Segment data on the X-axis
    Further segment the X-axis selections
    • Example: break out the financial periods you've selected by choosing Business Category from the drop-down and then put a check mark next to Autoimmune and Neurology.
  • 6You can switch the categories and subcategories on the X-axis (Optional)
    • Example: check the box next to Flip X-Axis and Segment Data By. This will change your chart so that the Business Categories are displayed on the X-axis and they are segmented by financial period (one bar per quarter at each business category on the X-axis).
  • 7Select the type of chart (Optional)
    There are many choices of 2-D and 3-D effect charts. Click to display the options.
  • 8Display your results
    Display your chart by clicking   Display Chart When the chart displays, click on a bar or link to drill down to the underlying data.