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Drug Development Scope
Drug development Scope describes the commercial and regulatory classification of an existing drug or its intended development. In M&A deals, this field is used to describe the primary drug development scope of the company being acquired. Drug development Scope does not apply to technology platforms that are not being used to discover or develop a drug, medical devices or diagnostics.
Patented Prescription Drug
Any proprietary compound that can be patented and prescribed as a drug
A previously approved drug that is being altered to change the method or duration of delivery. This includes abuse deterrent formulations, liposomal delivery, inhalation delivery, oral delivery, PEGylation, topical formulation, transdermal delivery, sustained release formulation and other formulations.
Repurposed Drug
A previously approved drug that is being repurposed for a new disease category or indication.
A non-branded drug that contains the same active ingredient, formulation, dosage and route of administration as its reference/branded drug.
A follow-on version of an approved biologic. Biosimilars are classified according to the company's description, and not necessarily based on their regulatory pathway.
OTC Product
Drugs sold directly to the consumer, without the need of a prescription