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Company Type
A categorical description of the company or organization based on its primary business objective - Biopharma (Large-Cap, Mid-Cap, Small-Cap and Private); Medical Devices and Diagnostics; Tools, Services, and Manufacturing; Non-Profit or Major Disease Foundation; Academic; Government; Pricing and Regulatory Body; Financial; and Other
Large-Cap Biopharma (≥$50 billion)
Mid-Cap Biopharma ($1-$50 billion)
Small-Cap Biopharma (<$1 billion)
Private Biopharma
Biopharma companies are defined as those primarily engaged in researching, discovering, developing, and commercializing technologies and pharmaceutical drugs used in human medical therapies. This includes branded, generic, prescription, and over-the-counter (OTC) drug products. This also includes companies developing technology platforms that are used for drug discovery, chemical library screening, development/optimization, and formulation. Biopharma companies are then characterized by their market capitalization in three tiers, or as Private Biopharma. Reviews of market cap designations are conducted on a quarterly basis, and reviews of private/public status are conducted as needed for IPOs or other ownership events.
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Medical Devices and Diagnostics companies are primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing devices such as those used for medical therapy, drug delivery, and monitoring. This category also includes companies primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing diagnostic tests and biomarkers for use in human therapies. This category does not include companies developing assays, reagents, and systems used primarily in laboratory research, or companies developing large-scale instrumentation systems (see Tools, Services, and Manufacturing).
Tools, Services, and Manufacturing
Tools, Services, and Manufacturing includes companies primarily engaged in lab reagents, tools and supplies used in pharmaceutical research (including software for bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics), contract research organizations (CRO), contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and contract sales organizations (CSO). This category does not include industrial and biotechnology chemical manufacturers (see Other).
Non-Profit or Major Disease Foundation
Non-Profit or Major Disease Foundations includes organizations that are engaged in funding and advising R&D and/or raising the awareness for certain diseases (e.g., Cystic Fibrosis Foundation).
Academic organizations include university and institutional technology transfer offices, and teaching and research hospitals.
Government organizations include government-funded research departments and stockpiling organizations, and regional biopharma investment groups (e.g., NIH, U.S. Department of Defense).
Pricing and Regulatory Body
Pricing and Regulatory Bodies includes groups and organizations that govern policies on drug pricing, regulation, and reimbursement (e.g., German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), EC, NICE, FDA, EMA).
Financial organizations include venture capital and private equity firms, corporate venture groups of biopharma companies, royalty buyout firms, and acquisition holding companies (e.g., DRI Capital, Royalty Pharma, Deerfield Management).
This category includes consulting and software companies (other than bioinformatics software), special consortia, and companies primarily engaged in chemical manufacturing not specific to human pharmaceuticals. This category also includes companies primarily developing and commercializing veterinary medicines, nutraceuticals, agricultural products, packaging, and industrial / environmental biotechnology chemicals (e.g., Oracle, 3M Co., Kimberly-Clark Corp.).