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Company Peer Groups
  • 1Create a peer group by selecting criteria
    • Select the starting group of companies
    • Select ALL Companies or an existing list from the drop-down list box and then use the filters under General, Financings, and Pipeline.
  • 2Restrict Companies By General Criteria (Optional)
    Click on the filter name and make your selections when the options are displayed on the right.
    • Example: select Region and check the box next to Europe to filter for companies that are based in Europe.
  • 3Restrict Companies by Financings Criteria (Optional)
    Click on Financings to display the Financings filters available.
    • Example: select Financing Type and check the box next to All Follow-on Financings to get a list of all companies that had a follow-on financing.
  • 4Restrict Companies by Pipeline Criteria (Optional)
    Click on Pipeline to display the Pipeline filters available.
    • Example: select Disease Category and check the box next to Cancer, then select Phase of Development and check the box next to Phase III to filter for companies that have a Cancer compound in Phase III trials.
  • 5Restrict Companies by Financial Performance Criteria (Optional)
    Click on Financial Performance to display the Financial Performance filters available.
    • Example: select Financial Statements and select Fiscal Year and then select 2007 fiscal annual from the drop-down boxes. Then select Cash (>=) 200,000,000.
  • 6Restrict Companies by Stocks Criteria (Optional)
    Click on Stocks to display the Stocks filters available.
    • Example: select Price and Volume and select the date range 12/31/2007 to 1/31/2008. Then specify a stock price change of at least (>=) 10%.
    Filters are additive. If you selected Region: Europe, Financing type: All follow-on financings, Disease Category: Cancer, and Phase of Development: Phase III, Financial Statements: (>=)200,000,000 cash for FY07,and Stocks: 10% stock price change for 12/31/2007 to 1/31/2008, your results will show only European companies that had a follow-on financing, have a cancer product in Phase III trials, had cash (>=) 200,000,000 for FY07 and had a 10% increase in stock price between 12/31/2007 and 1/31/2008.
  • 7View and format your results
    Display your table by clicking Display Table. When the table displays, you may click on a company name to view its profile, save your company list for use in other modules, print, chart, or export your results to MS Excel.
  • 8Set Email Alert (Optional)
    After you display your results you can set an email alert to inform you when a product becomes part of the group or drops out of the group because it no longer meets your criteria. Click on Set Email Alert above your displayed results.