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Deal Asset Classification
A categorical description of the main type of asset being acquired, partnered, or otherwise transacted. Multiple assets within the same type are grouped together. For example, a deal for two compounds will have a single asset type of Pharmaceutical Products and the corresponding Number of Products field will indicate multiple products within that asset type. A deal involving more than one distinct asset type, such as a partnership for a technology platform with an option to acquire the company, will be a multiple asset type deal with each asset type containing its own corresponding categories and financial terms. BCIQ Deal Analyst search result tables and Deal Profiles will allow the differentiation of single and multiple asset type deals (see also Number or Asset Types and Number of Products).

M&A deals are located in the separate M&A section accessible from the top of the section header.
An entire company that may be purchased in a full or majority acquisition that may potentially encompass the entire legal entity. This does not include business units, divisions, or facilities as those may be transacted in an asset purchase rather than a company merger or acquisition (see Business Units, Divisions or Facilities).
Pharmaceutical Products
Pharmaceutical products include marketed human therapeutics and identified compounds in preclinical or later stages.
Technology Platforms
Drug Target Technology
Technology used to discover or manipulate targets. This does not include technologies to discover compounds against targets (see Discovery Technology).
Discovery Technology
Technologies used to discover compounds against targets and biomarkers for diseases. This includes therapeutic modality platforms (biologics, antibodies, RNA, proteins, macrocycles), genomics, screening technologies, etc.
Delivery and Formulation Technology
Technologies used to alter the delivery or formulation of drugs. This includes sustained release, extended release, abuse deterrents, vector technology, etc.
Manufacturing Technology
Technologies used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. This includes active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), cell lines, scale-up, fill and finish, etc.
Other Technology
Technologies that cannot be classified under any other technology platform category above
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Drug Delivery Device
A device used to deliver a drug. This includes inhalers, stents (incl. drug eluting/coated stents), pumps, injection devices, pre-filled syringes, patches, etc.
Therapeutic Device
Medical devices that provide therapeutic treatment. This includes cryotherapy, thermotherapy, electromagnetic, laser, photodynamic therapy, sonication, ultrasound, and other therapeutic devices (see Drug Delivery Device for drug/device combinations).
Biomarker / Companion Diagnostic
Biomarkers are specific genes or genetic markers that may indicate disease. This includes both the biomarker and IP relating to the biomarker that have already been discovered prior to deal signing. Companion diagnostics are developed in conjunction with a specific pharmaceutical product (see Discovery Technology for biomarker and companion diagnostic discovery technology).
Other Diagnostic
Diagnostics that cannot be classified under any other diagnostic category above
Other Device
Device that cannot be classified under any other medical device category above
Business Units, Divisions or Facilities
Business Unit or Division
A separate operating business or division of a larger company or holding company. This also includes subsidiaries of larger companies.
Manufacturing plants, factories, labs, research centers, and office buildings
Contract Services
Contract Research
Research performed by a contract research organization (CRO) without any rights to the resulting product or technology
Contract Manufacturing
Manufacturing performed by a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) without any rights to the manufactured product
Contract Sales
Sales and marketing services performed by a contract sales organization (CSO) without any rights to the marketed product
Other Services
Services that cannot be classified under any other contract services category above
Data or Freedom to Operate
Data includes intellectual property (IP), patents, and clinical data. Freedom to operate is freedom from being legally prosecuted for the use of the particular asset.
Grants provided by non-profits and foundations. This does not include grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or SBIR grants.