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Ways to limit the number of results
The BioCentury Archives search engine will not return more than 500 hits. Refining and tightening your search criteria can reduce the number of hits to a more manageable number of better-targeted results. Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Reduce the number of years searched.
  • Limit the sections of the reports to search For example, if you are looking for reports on preclinical results, you may want to check only the relevant report sections rather than searching the entire Archives.
  • Use additional keywords to focus your search.
  • Exclude words.
  • Use an exact search string.
  • Break your search into parts.
    Example: break a search for cancer drugs developed by either Amgen or Genentech into a search for cancer and Amgen and a search for cancer and Genentech.
  • Use Boolean Searches.