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Company Peer Group Alerts
Define a financing peer group, then receive an email whenever a company becomes part of the group or drops out of the group because it no longer meets your criteria.

To define your peer group, start with all companies on the left menu. You then have the option to add custom filter criteria. Next, you must create a company peer group report to lock in your selections. Finally, name and submit your alert to receive an email when a new company meets your custom criteria and when a company no longer meets your custom criteria.
  • 1Create a Company Peer Group Alert
    • To create an alert for a peer group of companies, select All Companies on the left tool bar. If you wish to refine your results to include only companies that have particular locations, financial characteristics, disease focus or types of products, select custom filter criteria below. Click Display Table to lock in your criteria. Create Company Peer Group Report
    • The Set Email Alert button will display on the next page, along with a table that contains all the companies meeting your criteria, or a message indicating that no current records meet your criteria.
    • Click Set Email Alert. In the pop-up window that appears, enter a name for the alert, then click Submit.
    • Tip: The criteria set you have created will be saved for future use in the drop-down box below Company Peer Group Default Criteria.